The CHI Teaching Workshops (CHIJOTE) have been held since the 2004 edition of the INTERACTION congress held in the city of Lleida. It was evident the maturity that, at a scientific level, is observed in the research groups that, organized around the Association for Human-Computer Interaction (AIPO), work on issues related to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an internationally known discipline as CHI (Computer-Human Interaction).

The topics to be discussed in these Conferences are related to the pedagogical methods and the teaching paradigms that are used in university degrees that have subjects related to the HCI. These Conferences are held with the aim of taking advantage of the research maturity of Spanish groups to constitute a meeting and discussion point in which teachers from different areas of knowledge can share their experiences in teaching HCI and contrast it with other European and American experiences.

Thus, these Conferences constitute an appropriate framework for, in a multidisciplinary context, determining, discussing, disseminating and planning the fundamental training lines in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate training in the field of Human-Computer Interaction for university degrees. , always inspired by the recommendations of prestigious international associations.

To date, the following editions have been held: