CHISPA is the Spanish chapter of ACM SIGCHI, the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) interest group of the Association for Computer Machinery.

Chispa AIPO

CHISPA’s mission includes:

  • Promote scientific advancement in the Human-Computer Interaction field in Spain
  • Support the organization and development of congresses, workshops and other activities related to HCI in the country.
  • Connect HCI groups and organizations in Spain with similar entities in the rest of the world.
  • Advance in the discipline of HCI within the industry.

Every AIPO (active) member is also a CHISPA member by default.

The board and their contact details are:

  • President: Juan Enrique Garrido Navarro (
  • Vicepresident: Cristina Manresa-Yee (
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Myriam Arrue (
  • Past-Chair: Eva Cerezo (