The AIPO organizes different activities and annual awards.

The AIPO organizes different initiatives such as the Engendering Technologies workshop that promotes the participation of women in technology and research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI); and the CHIJOTE workshops that address teaching issues in the HCI field.

In relation to the awards, the Jesús Lorés award should be highlighted, which is awarded to the best research paper presented during that year’s edition of the INTERACTION conference. To spread HCI among undergraduate and postgraduate students, there are the AIPO awards to the TFG/TFM, which grant recognition and award to the best Final Degree Projects or Final Master’s Projects developed in the HCI field. Within the framework of the AIPO Engendering Technologies Workshop, the Mari Carmen Marcos prize is awarded, which is awarded to the best work presented in each edition of the workshop.

Through collaboration with the HCI-Collab network, AIPO presents and disseminates Webinars on HCI research focused on the Ibero-American community.

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