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The Jesús Lorés Award is an award established by AIPO in recognition of the figure of Jesús Lorés, promoter of the association and president of the same from its inception until his sudden and unexpected death in November 2006. This award is granted annually to the best research paper presented during that year’s edition of the INTERACTION conference.

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16th edition: Interacción 2023, september 2023 in Lleida, Spain

Premio: "Explainable Facial Expression Recognition for People with Intellectual Disabilities"
Authors: Silvia Ramis Guarinos, Cristina Manresa Yee, Jose Maria Buades Rubio and Francesc Xavier Gaya Morey
University: Universitat de les Illes Balears

16th edition: Interacción 2023, september 2023 in Lleida, Spain

Accésit: "Exploring Augmented Reality in Multiplayer Game Design to Promote Empathy and Prosocial Behavior"
Authors: Lissette Lopez-Faican, Javier Jaen and Jorge Montaner
University: Universitat Politècnica de València

15th edition: Interacción 21/22, September 2022 in Teruel, Spain

Premio: "Validation of a heuristic set to evaluate the accessibility of statistical charts: a user test with low vision persons"
Authors: Rubén Alcaraz Martínez, Mireia Ribera, Adrià Adeva Fillol, Afra Pascual Almenara

15th edition: Interacción 2022, september 2022 in Teruel, Spain

Accésit: "Imagen imperfecta 2.0. Un proyecto artístico que explora la visión periférica"
Authors: Blanca Montalvo, Javier Artero Flores, Alberto Cajigal, Estefanía Frías-Leal

15ª edición: Interacción 20/21, septiembre de 2021 en Málaga, España

Premio: "Automatic captions on video calls, a must for the elderly. Using Mozilla DeepSpeech for the STT"
Authors: Eduardo Nacimiento-García, Carina González-González y Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela

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