Mari Carmen Marcos Award

In 2018 at AIPO we plan to create an award for the best work linked to the field of IPO with a gender perspective. The proposal was approved at the 2018 Winter Meeting and delivered for the first time at the IV Engendering Technologies, in the format of an INTERACTION 2018 Special Track. This award seeks to highlight relevant research for the gender and IPO area.

The relevant female figure in the Spanish field within the IPO area that gave name to this award is Mari Carmen Marcos, a pioneering and relevant woman for her contributions in teaching and research on human-computer interaction. Mari Carmen Marcos was the promoter and coordinator of the master’s degree in UX: Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience at Pompeu Fabra University. She published dozens of articles and book chapters, particularly the book Interaction in information retrieval interfaces: concepts, metaphors and visualization (2004), which marked the beginning of her line of research in this field. She gave courses and conferences in countries such as the United States, Chile or Argentina, and organized and participated in several events related to human-computer interaction, such as the AIPO congconference, an association of which she was a member. She was the editor of Faz, an interaction design magazine, and a reviewer at the international conferences Computer Human Interaction, Interaction, and Interaccion, as well as the magazines Information Processing and Management and El Profesional de la Información.