The main objective of the AIPO is to promote research on Human Computer Interaction (HCI). For its fulfillment, the AIPO develops a series of research activities such as organizing colloquiums, seminars, conferences, congresses and all kinds of relevant events. Especially, the annual congress INTERACTION

In addition, in 2020 the Interaccion journal was born, a digital journal of AIPO, with the aim of disseminating HCI and serving as a link between scientists and professionals who carry out activities in this field in the Spanish and Ibero-American community.

At an international level, AIPO has CHISPA, the Spanish chapter of ACM SIGCHI, the HCI interest group of the Association for Computer Machinery.

AIPO is integrated into other larger societies such as SCIE (Computer Science Society of Spain) and COSCE (Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain), which further consolidates the association by having a presence in important scientific scopes.

To facilitate visibility and promote synergies between HCI research groups, a list of research groups is presented.

The information in this section of the website can be extended from all these contents.