What is AIPO?

AIPO is a professional association open to all people interested in Human-Computer Interaction. Its objectives are to promote and disseminate Human-Computer Interaction and serve as a link between scientists and professionals who carry out activities in this field.

  • AIPO is the acronym for Human-Computer Interaction Association.
  • AIPO is an organization open to all people of legal age and interested in Human-Computer Interaction in Spain and Latin America.
  • AIPO is a legally constituted association.

AIPO was started in November 1999 by a group of professors interested in promoting Human-Computer Interaction in Spain and in the Spanish-speaking world. AIPO is organized into two sections: the academic section and the professional section.

  • The academic section of AIPO covers a wide range of universities in the Hispano-American field in which professors from different disciplines who work in the field of Human-Computer Interaction are included.
  • The professional section of AIPO is made up of the members who carry out their main professional activity in the industry. Currently, this section brings together professionals from companies of all types, sizes and economic sectors.