INTERACTION is an international conference since 1999. It is organized by the AIPO association, whose main objective is to promote and disseminate recent advances in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, both at an academic and business level. The conference aims, among other things, to bring together different research groups and companies from around the world, mainly Spanish-speaking, to establish collaborative links. In particular, it is intended to establish a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas that allows further progress in the use and application of new interaction in such interesting and current fields as health, education and learning, virtual communities and social networks, access to information and knowledge, new computing environments, among others.

XVI Congreso Internacional de Interacción Persona-Ordenador, Interacción 2015

Start date:
End date:

Location: Vilanova i la Geltrú



Honorary chair

Enric Fossas

Presidente del Congreso

Pere Ponsa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Vilanova i la Geltrú

Comité Local

Víctor Agramunt
Maria Hortènsia Álvarez
Bernardino Casas
Andreu Català
Yolanda Guasch
José María Merenciano
Luis Miguel Muñoz
Helena Querol
David Raya
Inmaculada Rodriguez
Montserrat Solsona
Frederic Vilà

Presidentes del Comité Científico

Daniel Guasch
Xavier Llanas

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