Proof of the interest of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), is the consolidation of IPO training within undergraduate and postgraduate curricula inside and outside of Spain, which allows training experts in the field of HCI to do facing the challenges and needs of research and innovation related to the discipline, without neglecting the creation of company professionals that allow them to face the current technological advances that society demands. AIPO is committed to promoting the teaching of the HCI, both in Spain and in Latin America, promoting the exchange of ideas and teaching experiences in the area, which allows enriching the different skills, activities and learning outcomes linked to the discipline. The University Degrees, Masters and Doctorate Programs where aspects related to the HCI are worked on are described below.

Master\'s Degree in Research and Innovation in Computational Intelligence and Interactive Systems

Type: Master-en
University: University Autónoma of Madrid
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
Link:  https://uam.es/CentroEstudiosPosgrado/MU_Investigacion_Inteligencia_Computacional/1446794368228.htm?language=es_ES&nDept=3&pid=1446755975574&pidDept=1446755975831

The Master\'s Degree in Research and Innovation in Computational Intelligence and Interactive Systems aims to train professionals and researchers, leaders of the digital revolution, in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). In this way, the Master extends the academic and technical training of the graduates and allows them to acquire advanced knowledge and skills that range from specialization in the development of interactive software systems, the development of intelligent systems and the implementation of tools and devices in the field of biomedical informatics or biometric systems. The knowledge acquired in the Master allows the student to start both a research career and access sectors with a high component of innovation, meeting the strong demand for advanced training in the specific profiles that the Master offers. The master contains a specific itinerary in User Centered Software, with a wide variety of subjects related to Human-Computer Interaction.

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