Research Groups

The research groups in which the AIPO members work are listed below

Natural Interaction based on Language

Natural Interaction based on Language


Director:   Pablo Gervás Gómez-Navarro
University:   University Complutense of Madrid
Country:  España

The NIL (Natural Interaction based on Language) group of the Faculty of Informatics of the UCM was created in 2008 as a split from the Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence research group, to bring together the researchers of said group who had been working for some time in the area of ​​Natural Language Processing, specifically in natural language generation and intelligent access to information. The group\'s activity has focused in recent years on applying natural language processing techniques to practical applications. In this line, three areas have received special attention: the application of computer technologies in the biomedical field, research in computational creativity and the use of linguistic technologies for accessibility following a user-centered approach. In the biomedical field, work has been carried out on the processing of medical records and the detection of drug interactions, reflected in projects, publications and several doctoral theses. Computational creativity emerges as an area of ​​international research around the year 2000, and the research group has participated since its inception with its work on automatic poetry generation, later extended to literary creativity in general with work on narrative generation. The application of linguistic technologies to accessibility and inclusion was also a pioneering activity of the group that has given rise to two projects of the National Research Plan. In the fields of computational creativity, the group is a very important reference worldwide (with three European projects in the area) and in the field of technologies for accessibility it has an important presence in congresses in the area and is widely recognized.

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