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Augmented Service for Deaf People Using a Text to Sign Language Translator

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In this article we present a service for deaf people closed to interaction between people and machine area. This service will allow deaf people to communicate properly with other people. The deaf person will make a video-calling using a 3G mobile device and what the other person means using his voice, is recognized and translated to sign language by a voice platform in order to show on the 3G device screen the animation by means of the sign language. Nowadays we are working in two modules which are necessary in this service such as a LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) used to recognize what the other person means, and a text to sign language translator module used to show the deaf person who makes the videocalling the information appropriately. Both the recognition module and the text to sign language translator will be developed in Spanish language so the service will be proved with Spanish users.

Palabras clave: accessibility, deaf people, text to sign language translator


Congreso: Interacción 2006