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Una Estrategia para Entrenamiento de Equipos Asistida por Entornos Colaborativos

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The goal of the present Ph.D. Thesis is to develop a strategy for training small groups assisted by Intelligent Collaborative Virtual Environments (ICVE’s). The strategy proposes five interrelated phases in which the group to be trained goes through an iterative process of auto evaluation around the execution of a proposed task; a shared mental model that can favor the teamwork is expected to be developed using this process. In order to assist the training process, the development of a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) that allows the human tutor to direct and to coordinate the virtual meetings of the group is proposed, according to the activities for some phases. Also, the development of a model of a Pedagogical Virtual Agent (PVA) with the role of group leader in order to assist the team during the phase of Execution is proposed.

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Congreso: Interacción 2006