Interaction design

Autoras: Jenny Preece, Ivonne Rogers, Ellen Sharp.聽

Editorial: John Wiley & Sons.

ISBN: 0471492787

Descripci贸n: Nuevo libro de Jenny Preece escrito conjuntamente con Ivonne Rogers y Hellen Sharp. Presenta una visi贸n actualizada de los temas que se tratan en los libros de interacci贸n. Ivonne Rogers, una de las autoras ha sido conferenciante invitada de AIPO en Interacci贸n 2004. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction is an up-to-date explanation of the design of the current and next generation interactive technologies, such as the web, mobiles, wearables. These exciting new technologies bring additional challenges for designers and developers - challenges that require careful thought and a disciplined approach. Written for both students and practitioners from a broad range of backgrounds, this book addresses these challenges using a practical and refreshing approach. The text covers a wide range of issues, topics and paradigms that go beyond the traditional human-computer interaction (HCI).